How to Create a Gypsy Bohemian Living Room

AndraUrsuta.comAdding a touch of bohemian style to your living room doesn’t necessarily require you to start over. All you need to do is target a few major areas of the room and add bohemian touches there. For example, if you have a large living room, you could layer animal hide over a jute rug. Another simple bohemian touch is a pair of poufs. They can double as extra seating, footrests, and tables if you place a tray on top.

Combining elements in this decor will help you get a unique look

Lighting is essential to this eclectic style. Instead of overhead fixtures, opt for ambient lighting instead. Candles, table lamps, and lanterns provide adequate illumination. Chandeliers with tinted glass are also great choices. They will set a stunning mood in the room. Incorporating these decor elements will help you achieve a unique, bohemian look. Once you’ve gotten your head around the Gypsy style, it’s time to start putting it all together!

Leaf and Lolo’s living room was filled with various types of plants.

Incorporating plants is another bohemian design element. Plants add life and texture to any space. Leaf and Lolo’s living room is full of different types of plants. A macrame wall hanging and wicker baskets also add a boho vibe to the space. As for the furnishings, a low sofa is a central element in a Gypsy Bohemian living room. Adding pillows is an easy way to bring bohemian style into your living room.

Colorful, handmade furnishings and decorative pieces are a ke3y component to a Boho living room. A brown leather sofa and brass sconces on the wall add a warm ambiance to the space. A garden stool with a brass base also serves as a mini side table. Often, colorful throw blankets and colorful woven wall baskets add flair to the space. Colorful wall art and personal effects on the walls add a pop of color.

Rattan furniture is a bohemian accent to add to the tropical feel

A burnt orange sofa and plenty of house plants give this room an earthy, tropical feel. There’s a mirror on the back wall of the room for art decor. Rattan furniture is another important bohemian accent piece that will give your room an earthy, tropical feel. Rattan sofas and ottomans are another boho staple. And if you have the space, you can add a rattan accent chair for seating.

To achieve the best boho look, you’ll need to incorporate lots of colorful, geometric, and abstract pieces throughout the room. Boho living rooms tend to be playful, and the color palette should be a mix of earth tones and bright hues. The less-than-perfect look of the room will add charm. Adding some colorful floor cushions and eclectic pieces will give the space a boho vibe.

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