Marble Wall Tile – Add Elegance and Style to Your Home – If you’re looking to add some elegance and style to your home, consider installing Marble Wall Tile. These elegant tiles will give your room a refined and sophisticated feel. These tiles are available in various colors and designs, so you can choose one that perfectly complements your design scheme. Whether you’re looking for a marble tile for the floor or for the walls, Houzz has the perfect solution. Listed below are a few of the most popular choices for this type of flooring.

Unique Color and Pattern Variations

Unlike ceramic tiles, marble wall tile comes in a variety of colors and patterns. They can be laid in different patterns, such as a straight line, a random pattern, a Versailles pattern, or a brick pattern. The most recent varieties include the Satin Onyx White and ODG Embroidery Beige DK, which both have unique shade variations and patterns. Prices for these tiles vary depending on the color and variant.

The quality of marble slabs varies, depending on their veining, coloring, and impurities. Higher-grade marble will have fewer impurities. Marble wall tile requires routine cleaning, which includes damp mopping and occasional re-sealing. A fresh layer of sealant should be applied to the floor after installation. Marble is a luxurious material, but it also requires special care. To extend its life, marble requires periodic re-sealing.

Considering Installing Marble Wall Tiles on the Wall

If you’re looking for an elegant wall tile, choose a marble wall tile. The cost of these tiles is comparable to that of natural marble. However, they’re more affordable and easier to maintain than natural marble. These tiles add the same elegance and sophistication to a room, and are much less expensive than their natural counterparts. Moreover, they’re much lighter than natural stone. If you’re considering installing marble wall tile on your walls, make sure you consult a professional before deciding which type is right for your home.

You will also notice the extreme shade variation. Some tiles are very light with minimal veining, against darker tiles where the vein and shade is more dominant, highlighting one of the main characteristics of marble tiles. No two Marble tiles will be exactly the same.

Unique Marble Tile Appearance

Compared to porcelain tiles, marble tile is difficult to install. It may require epoxy mortar to ensure its durability. Also, the installation of marble tile can be more expensive than porcelain tiles. Because of the unique appearance of marble tile, it’s less trendy than ceramic tiles. In contrast, porcelain tile tends to be more popular among decorators and designers. If you’re planning to install marble tiles in your home, you should consider hiring an experienced tiler to install it.

Marble tiles require sealing both before and after grouting to prevent them from being porous and staining. Sealing before grouting will prevent discolouration from grout residue and a further coat after grouting will ensure future protection from staining. We recommend the LTP MPG sealer for polished marble, and the LTP Mattstone for tumbled non-polished marble. Depending on the amount of usage and applied cleaning regime they should not need a top-up coat of sealer for 3-4 years, but should be checked regularly to ensure it remains effective.

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