The Best Bedroom Accessories to Upgrade Your Space

Designing a relaxing and cosy bedroom extends far beyond the bed you choose and the curtains you dress your window in. Sure, a bedroom isn’t a bedroom without a bed – but it’s the accessories that truly transform the space.

Bedroom accessories have the power to completely revamp the whole look, adding dimension and warm, cosy vibes. If you’re on a budget, then choosing the right accessories is crucial to achieving the look you desire.

Read on for the top accessories that every bedroom should have.


Every bedroom can benefit from some unique artwork hung on the wall. To really add the wow factor, opt for a single large piece of artwork that instantly draws your attention.

Artwork is best hung above the bed to accentuate the focal point of the room and add some interest to an otherwise bare wall. Whether your preference is hand-painted artwork, an enlarged canvas photo or a tapestry piece, don’t be afraid to go bold and daring with your choice.


Greenery is an underrated addition to any living space, but investing in a houseplant or two for your bedroom can help to brighten up the space and introduce a well-needed pop of colour.

Houseplants help to purify the air and instantly add a feeling of calm and freshness. Stick to plants that can easily survive indoors in the right conditions such as lavender, Chinese evergreen and English ivy.


We firmly believe that a bed can never have too many cushions. Layering up soft cushions on your bedspread instantly makes it look and feel cosier and more inviting.

Invest in quality cushions and don’t be afraid to mix and match shapes, sizes, patterns and textures. The key to successful cushion placement is to pick out accent colours from elsewhere in your bedroom and choose cushion designs that incorporate at least a hint of that same tone.

Throw blankets

Bedroom accessories don’t have to be purely decorative, they can offer a functional purpose too. Throw blankets are the perfect way to elevate your bedspread whilst also offering an extra layer of warmth to keep you cosy at night.

Throws are an affordable way to add a splash of colour or introduce different textures. Opt for a chunky knitted throw for the winter months, and a bright soft throw blanket to decorate for the spring/summer season.

Floor rugs

Area rugs often go under the radar when it comes to bedroom design, but they can really help to bring the whole look together. Even if your bedroom is carpeted, a well-positioned rug adds an extra layer of texture and warmth.

Rugs can either be positioned under the bed when sized large enough to be seen, or a smaller rug can be placed at the foot of the bed if the space allows. Experiment with textures and patterns, and opt for a colour scheme that works well with the rest of your interior.


Bedroom lighting helps to set the mood, and incorporating more than one source of light helps to create an impact.

Add table lamps at either side of the bed, a floor lamp in the corner and ceiling fixtures to boost the overall aesthetics. It’s important to choose your lighting carefully so that it complements your decor. Try to seek out unique, eye-catching lamps to make a style statement and bring your bedroom look together.

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