What Is Formal Clothing?

AndraUrsuta.comFormal attire, formal dress or formal clothing is a specific type of Western wear that has been in existence for many years. Formal attire, formal wear or full formal dress is an important type of dress code used for the very formal occasions, including weddings, christenings, funeral services, confirmations, Easter and Thanksgiving festivities, as well as certain civic events, ball, dances and corporate events. It is worn by both men and women, young and old, and at every occasion. This type of dress usually consists of pants suits, coat, jacket or blouse, shoes, socks, belt and shoe covers, gloves, eyewear and apron. In some countries, formal clothing worn on the day of a holiday is called festiary wear and usually differs from the Western wear on other occasions.

Casual clothing is usually lighter and less detailed

There are several differences between formal clothing and casual wear. Casual clothing is usually lighter weight and less detailed than its dress counterpart. Casual wear is usually more comfortable and practical than formal clothing. There are different types of casual wear. These include:

Black tie formal wear requires a watch or clock to be worn together with a suit

Black tie formal clothing is usually a dark-colored suit with a black jacket, black trousers and a white shirt. The color black symbolizes order, power and respect. A black tie event also requires a watch or a clock to be worn along with the suit. A white shirt can be worn with a red tie but this look is not appropriate for a formal event. It is also not considered proper to wear a white shirt along with a black tie event. A pique collar shirt is considered acceptable if one is attending a black tie or black-tie event but this style does not belong in formal clothing.

Formal business attire includes a white or gray business suit with a tie, necktie and a belt. This style of suit will require the use of a necktie. Business attire should be well polished and appropriate. Other items that are required in formal clothing include a tie, cuff links, socks, shoes, scarf and a briefcase.

Dress coat is another necessary item in formal evening wear

Formal evening wear generally includes a black evening gown with a jacket, a top hat, scarf and earrings. Women’s evening wear can be further segregated into evening gowns, cocktail dresses. Formal evening wear does not include pants or skirt. The dress coat is another item that is required in formal evening wear. A evening dress coat should be black, navy, or satin in color.

Informal clothing is loosely defined as any clothing that one might wear for fun or casual occasions. It includes t-shirts, shorts, jeans, sneakers, sandals, sweat shirts, flip flops, gym clothes, etc. A person can be classified as informal or formal depending upon the type of clothing they wear. For example, casual wears include various types of jeans, sweat shirts, sweat pants, gym clothes, etc., whereas formal wears include jackets, blazers, suits, dresses, etc.

Designer formal wear is not only limited to weddings

The most popular formal wear are designer suits and pants suits. These are usually worn by men attending weddings or balls. Formal ball gowns or tuxedos are very grand and require a good amount of money. However, designer formal wear is not only restricted to weddings. These designer clothing can be worn by men at almost any occasion including corporate events and funerals.

Formal clothing is available for all age groups and for both sexes. For children, formal wear consists of a cute formal dress suit and formal pants suits. Formal clothing is also required during social functions and weddings. Formal occasions like weddings involve a lot of pomp and show so formal wear is required to give the wearer an impressive look. Both men and women can get formal wear for social functions and weddings as long as it fits well and gives a proper and elegant look.

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