Vintage Farmhouse Decorating Ideas – If you’re attempting to decorate your home with a vintage farmhouse theme, the first thing you should do is find pieces that have an antique appearance. You don’t need to spend a fortune on new furniture and fixtures, but you can easily incorporate a vintage farmhouse style into your home with accessories. Choose unique antique vases and candle holders, and display objects in vintage jugs and jars.

Added a Farmhouse-Inspired Touch

Adding whimsical touches is a good way to add fun to a farmhouse-inspired space. For instance, try adding pillows with black and white botanical prints or combining bright blooms with geometric shapes. You can also use rustic boards with metal hooks to hang jackets and reusable totes, and a vintage wooden box to store papers and other paperwork.

Adding antique kitchen items is another great way to create a farmhouse-style space. You can hang them on the walls or add them to a bookshelf. They’re also affordable and can be collected for a small price. You can even display the antiques you’ve collected in frames.

You can purchase or make pieces yourself to give your home a rustic feel. You can even turn a simple tobacco basket into a cute and useful farmhouse-style pillow with a ticking fabric. You can also create your own chalkboard cutting board using a photo transfer technique. You can even use a magnet to attach the board to the wall. A little bit of creativity goes a long way in creating a rustic farmhouse look.

Creating a Rustic Style Farmhouse Look

Another great way to create a rustic-style farmhouse look is to choose a home with vintage farmhouse architecture. You may be able to find a home that has these features and incorporate them into your own home. These pieces will give your home a sense of history and charm. They can be used in any room, from the kitchen to the patio.

Changing the hardware in your home is another great way to create a rustic-style farmhouse look. If you’re refinishing your kitchen, consider using reclaimed wood with different stains. For an old farmhouse-style look, you can also update your faucets. You can also add wood-furniture accents.

Great Ways to Use Antique Glassware

Another great way to create a rustic-style farmhouse look is by using vintage glassware. The best pieces are neutral and can be used to hold a number of things. From storing off-season clothes to holding your sewing supplies, you’ll find a use for them in your home. In addition to displaying them on shelves, you can also use them to add to your home’s walls with paintings and mirrors.

If you’re looking for more farmhouse decorating ideas, consider purchasing vintage rugs and copper mugs. These pieces will add a warm, cozy feel to your room. Antique Farmhouse sells copper mugs for about $50. You can also add a vintage rug to your living room to make it look cozier. These rugs are made from polypropylene, so you can easily clean them up. This way, your home will look more comfortable and inviting.

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