Scandinavian Home Office – Design Options For a Scandinavian Style Home Office – When thinking about a new office or private workspace, many people picture sleek, minimalist Scandinavian architecture. Though these are also very functional, they are not what is typically associated with a home office. When often imagined in this way, the Scandinavian home office is often considered the epitome of functional perfection. In actuality, Scandinavian furniture is anything but.

Scandinavian Style Interior

When often picture a Scandinavian style interior, conjure up visions of minimalism, sleekness, and versatility. The Scandinavian aesthetic is all about Nordic simplicity. All three major Nordic concepts are perfect to enhance productivity while minimizing visual clutter. This creates Nordic interior design the ideal theme for a private workspace or home office.

Scandinavian blue and white dominate the Nordic theme. Furniture such as desks, shelves, and tables should reflect this color scheme. Clutter is avoided using items such as mirrors, paintings, wall clocks, and artworks of Nordic origin. Nordic artworks that can be hung on the wall include woodcarvings, oil paintings, metal works, and other artworks that are artistically crafted. These are typically the only artworks that will create clutter, as the rest of the Nordic theme is about clean lines and minimalist aesthetics.

Choosing the Right Furniture

Because most of the items found in a Scandinavian home office are so aesthetically streamlined, there are a few pieces that are important to incorporate into this theme. Tall desks with glass front doors, small shelves, or a sitting area that seats several individuals are a great way to enhance the productivity of a Scandinavian set-up. A coffee table, however, may be best kept away from the main room as it will be difficult to find anything to place on it.

Scandinavian offices generally do not have individual cubicles. Rather, all desks and chairs are situated together in one big open space. This is why it is so important to select an appropriate chair for your office. In a typical Scandinavian home office, the best color and shape for the chair are black and simple white. This gives off the look of efficiency and neatness while creating a welcoming environment for employees and clients.

Scandinavian Home Office Ideal Elements

The ideal element that would blend perfectly with a Scandinavian home office is a minimal black task lamp with frosted glass shades. These shades are typically in the same color family as the walls and furniture, so they blend in seamlessly. Typically, a task lamp like this would be placed against one wall of the office, as it will provide some form of light. However, in this type of room it is important to use multiple wall shelves to provide ample storage options. Scandinavian offices feature the ideal color scheme of black and simple white, with a minimal black task lamp nestled between them. When used with several other Scandinavian elements, such as the Scandinavian black desk chair, you will achieve a look that is both elegant and futuristic.

One final element that would look great in a Scandinavian home office is a few neutral tones accentuated with metal. For example, you can add a neutral brown desk with a metal drawstring pad to the room. You can also find a metal rectangular table that has a glass top in a white and silver finish that provides a beautiful contrast with the dark wood of the workspace. These two simple pieces, along with the black and simple white desk chair, create a unique but stylish look.

Since a Scandinavian home office is going to have a lot of open floor space, the best thing to do is keep the design clutter free, as clutter only makes it harder to work. One way to accomplish this is to place bookshelves in the room. Nordic bookcases are known for their massive sizes and bold styles, which make them ideal for placing in a room that features open floor space. In addition to the open shelving units, you can also find smaller bookcases that feature beautiful architectural details like needlework and detailed carvings. Because of the unique design of the Scandinavian style, these smaller shelves are great for creating a very inviting and spacious look in a room.

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