Small French Style Bathrooms – Small French bathrooms are often considered uninviting. In actual fact, they can be quite decorative depending on the right accessories chosen and used wisely. With the right planning, a small bathroom can be converted into a charming space that reflects your personality and style. Your unique personality is reflected in the design and layout of your small French bathroom. It may not be as grand as the average American or British bathroom, but it can have its own charm and character!

Small French Style Bathroom Design

There are many different styles of small French style bathrooms. One popular choice is to blend the rustic charm of a cabin with the more modern appeal of the French style. Another idea is to add some primitive bathroom decor to the space. This adds an old-world feeling that can be exciting. Whether you choose the traditional look of a rustic cabin or opt for a more modern approach, you can make your small French style bathroom designs standout from the rest.

Rustic decor comes in many forms including Native American pottery, wooded mirrors, and even authentic French furniture. You can achieve a small French style bathroom look by keeping the neutral colors of brown and gray. Dark woods along with other earth tones like terracotta are also used. One thing to keep in mind is to avoid white accents. Even though white is associated with cleanliness and simplicity, white, small French style bathrooms can sometimes become breeding grounds for germs.

French Style Bathroom Storage Wall Hanging

A true French style bathroom requires plenty of useable storage space. Because bathrooms are normally so small, storage space is at a premium. You can create ample storage space by using unusual wall hangings or using storage baskets. Some of the unique ideas for storage include using old coffee pots as bottle racks, using flower pots as medicine cabinets, or using flower pots as planters.

If you truly want an authentic French style bathroom, there is one other thing you should consider. Ventilation is an essential factor in authentic bathroom decor. The small windows and small openings can make the bathroom feel very small and congested. To create a more spacious and airy feel, you will need to add more windows. It doesn’t have to be large windows; even a small gap between the two walls can work wonders. Another thing you can do to open up the space is to install fans or a ceiling fan in the master bath.

Rustic Bathroom Decoration Accessories

In this article we have looked at creating a unique look by incorporating natural elements like stone, wood, and natural products. You will also need to add elements like color and accessories that evoke a rustic bathroom decor. This is an excellent way to get your rustic French style bathroom done without spending a lot of money.

You can find many rustic bathroom’s decor items on the Internet. You will also be able to use this opportunity to shop for these items in your local area so you have a sense of how much the item will cost. With the small bathroom, the smaller items will be easier to fit into the space.


The next time you need to create a small bathroom, you should consider this unique style. Rustic bathroom decor provides the bathroom with the timeless look it wants. In fact, it is often used to separate small bathrooms from large bathrooms so they don’t seem so enclosed. You will also find that adding these rustic elements to a larger bathroom will open it up and make it feel larger than it really is. You can get all of these things in your rustic bathroom design if you choose to go this route.

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