French Home Decorating Inspiration – French Home is an American furniture line that specializes in high-end, classic designs. The brand was importing kitchenware and cookware for the American marketplace for more than 15 years. Some of the most notable European brands sold by French Home include: La Roqueta, Rodeo, Corum, Cuisinart, Mauro Picasso, Descartes, Maui Jim, Cosco, Berberis and More. The company is headquartered in San Francisco.

Inspiration French Home Furniture

The inspiration behind French Home furniture is French architecture. The company promotes a fusion of traditional styles with modern innovations. As such, you will see classic French doors and windows, as well as rustic barn doors and paneling, distressed woods and heavy stainless steel appliances throughout the French home furnishings. French Home also promotes a love of simplicity, which is reflected in the design of the showroom furniture. Many of the items feature open drawer backs that reveal the beauty and craftsmanship of the French furniture.

French Homes are recognized for their timeless interiors, but they are also known for their contemporary designs. Some of the contemporary trends seen in traditional French homes include; geometric shapes, natural materials, glass chippers, distressed woods, and mosaic tile patterns. Many of these elements are incorporated into contemporary French homes. The company strives to give customers what they are looking for in a traditional French home at a price they can afford.

Characteristics of French House Style 

In many ways, there is a clear separation between traditional French home furnishings and contemporary French home furnishings. One of the most popular items seen in a typical French home is a collection of intricate, ornate furniture. This furniture is often featured in the dining room or on the main floor. The dining room is where the guests are treated to the fine taste and style of the master suite. In modern homes, the dining room is often designed with a modern ergonomic chair that is comfortable, stylish, and perfect for relaxing with friends and family.

A main point of distinction between traditional French home styles and contemporary French home styles is the use of materials. Traditional homes typically use wood and stone in their construction. In the more contemporary constructions, the use of metals and plastics has become more prevalent. One of the largest changes between the two styles of interior architecture is found in the roofs of the homes. In traditional houses, the roof is usually made from flat clay tiles or slate stones that are assembled into a roof covering.

French Contemporary Home Uses Limestone Marble and Concrete

For the contemporary homes of France, the roof is usually fashioned from steel or aluminum. Both materials are able to withstand strong wind gusts, ensuring the durability of your home’s contents. One of the largest innovations in French home design is found in the type of flooring materials used. The use of ceramic tiles in traditional france homes is almost non-existent, while the use of marble, limestone, and even concrete can be found in more contemporary French homes.

Perhaps one of the most noticeable differences between the style of the French people and the contemporary home owners have today is found in the type of furniture and accents used within both the French homes and the typical American dream. The classic design of French homes usually consists of a very large dining room and the use of French furniture such as bistros and formal dining rooms. In contrast, American homes tend to utilize more neutral colors, such as brown, cream, or grey. Additionally, the typical French home features open floor plans, which allow the homeowner to create different seating areas depending on the size of the house. French people are very patient with those who do not speak their language and this helps the French to take their time when decorating.

Regardless of the differences in the design of your French home, you are sure to find some form of inspiration. The French are known for using natural materials and having a high level of geometric perfection. Your French furniture will likely include items like a moose head or a fashionable tree branch, and you can even get a unique French lamp with the same effect. These pieces of French furniture can be used throughout your French home, especially in the bathroom, kitchen, and hallway areas.

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