Bathroom Styling Ideas That Bring About The Bohemian Look – A charming modern Moroccan wonderland, the Bohemian bathroom exudes a regal yet rustic edge. The worn red wall adds a rustic yet stylish edge, complimenting the fresh white bathroom sink and white or black burnished silver trim. Also, how amazing is that perfectly cut out glass vanity top? The Moroccan home accessories and furnishings have made such an impact to so many homeowners because of their uniqueness and elegance. This makes Bohemian bathroom design a hit with today’s homeowners.

Tips for Making a Spectacular Bohemian Bathroom

To make the Bohemian bathroom truly spectacular, the designer has added exotic potted exotic flowers, exotic succulents, large twigs, exotic marbles, tiny ceramic statues and even green plants. To finish the look, the designer has used a variety of hand-woven tapestries, enormous plant pots, crystal bowls and large copper candle holders. The Moroccan-inspired bathroom flooring is made of a special ceramic tile with subtle gold highlights and a texture that one would only associate with the regally glamor of the Bohemian lifestyle.

To achieve the Bohemian look, one must have at least one plant for decoration. Some designers add potted plants in hanging baskets while others incorporate potted plants on the counter top or in hanging baskets. You could also mix and match different textures, colors, shapes and sizes of plants and use different pots for maximum effect. The idea is to create a totally wild and free environment for the decor.

Beautiful Bohemian Bathroom Decoration

The Bohemian bathrooms are usually decorated in bright and lively colors like orange, red and yellow. These colors combine with ceramics, iron works, metal work and other decorative art forms. To give the Bohemian style an even more authentic touch, add some vintage accessories like seashells, pebbles and seashells. A striking yet unusual wall tapestry can also give your bathroom an authentic Bohemian look. Tapestries come in various sizes and patterns. They can be used to create a central focus or to embellish individual walls.

Incorporating the Bohemian bathroom accessories into your design is not a hard task. Just remember to keep all items very simple in color and texture. Incorporate unique items that cannot be found anywhere else. For instance, sea shells can be a good substitute for expensive and exotic candles.

How to Get a Bohemian Look in the Bathroom

One other way to get the Bohemian look in your bathroom is by using a rug as the primary flooring accent. Large rugs are ideal for Bohemian inspired bathrooms as they help to soften the floor and add warmth to the room. You can use the rug as a runner behind a large ceramic tile in the shower area. Other great ideas include incorporating colorful pillows made of silk and wool into the Bohemian look. A colorful plant accessory can also be used to give a festive air to the Bohemian bathroom.

Bathroom ideas that combine different styles and themes are excellent when it comes to decorating your bathroom. Many people love the Bohemian look but hate the thought of running out to buy an expensive item. Luckily, with today’s technology you can easily incorporate Bohemian bathroom ideas into the decor without breaking the bank. You can purchase affordable bath mats at your local craft store or even place them on a large piece of furniture. The mat and furniture combination will look stunning in your bathroom.

Another option would be to paint your walls in a vibrant color. When you do this, you need to make sure that you choose a bathroom design that you love so that you won’t get bored with the look quickly. You should also purchase a large mirror for your washroom that features a bold print. Purchase vintage brocades or old jewelry that you find appealing to wear in your Bohemian bathroom design. There are endless options for decorating your restroom stylistic bathroom with themes that are not limited to contemporary designs.

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