The Minimalist Exterior of Japanese Modern House Designs – A minimalist exterior is a kinder, more environmentally-friendly approach to designing your home. A minimalist exterior uses sharp angles, straight lines, and basic colors to produce an extremely modern look, without overpowering its surroundings. A minimalist exterior is also a one-way to create a distinct, individual style that stands out from all others on the block with its sleek simplicity. Here are 12 practical examples of minimalist homes that use their clean, simple lines to create a lovely, unique home that accents its simplicity.

Featuring a Beautiful Minimalist Exterior

This striking, three-bedroom, two-story home features an exquisite, minimalist exterior by combining smooth wooden surfaces and dark, slate-colored trim and wallpaper. The master bedroom is decorated with warm browns and golds with contrast decors that feature deep chocolate-colored terra cotta tiles and stainless steel appliances. Three bedroom suites feature warm honey colors with contrasting panels in silver-blue, yellow, and gray. Bedroom suites include a master dresser, a chest, and a mirror that is decorated with a mosaic design. The living room features a leather sofa, a coffee table, and area rugs that are both simple and chic.

This house was designed by a professional interior designer who incorporated several elements of a minimalist exterior into the overall design. Most of the house is built from wood with some concrete walls for durability, and this beautiful, spacious house has a distinctive country garden feel. Each floor of the house is designed with a unique color scheme that is accented by wooden shutters, stone and glass wall tiles, and brick pavers.

Has an Attractive Minimalist Exterior

This family owned home has an attractive minimalist exterior through the use of a two story stone and brick trellis which gives the first floor a fantastic view of the backyard and landscape. The stone trellis is accented by two statues which are stylized in black iron to give the first floor an ethnic look, and feature a Chinese dragon and a peacock on either side. The other side of the trellis has a slate pavers texture with a terracotta color palette. The lower level has a beautiful water fountain that features a peacock swimming through a pool of colored glass. The architects designed the outdoor landscape with plants that are carefully placed to coordinate with the color palette, and to add a sense of air to the outside environment.

This residence has an interesting minimalist design, because most of the exterior materials are comprised of natural materials. The roof is constructed of red brick with slabs that are hand colored to enhance the appearance of the brick. The slabs are made up of natural materials like slate, which provides the base for the lattice-covered columns which are used to surround the building. The open spaces in front of the columns are created by use of vertical posts that resemble columnar columns, and which contain plants and landscape elements to provide a natural look and feel to the outdoors.

Modern Minimalist Commercial House

The architectural style used in this modern minimalist commercial house, has its origins in a period called postmodernism, which was a counterpoint to the excesses of modernism. The goal of this design was to reduce the visual impact of the building’s exterior while maintaining certain details that helped to accent the architectural design of the structure. One of these elements was the use of wood as a material for the exterior wall of the house, which is evident in the use of wood as a form of sidings for the facades of the first floor, as well as throughout the entire first level of the building.

The use of natural materials throughout the building allows the client to have a much more simplistic approach when creating the style of their home exterior, and is an important part of the minimalist design philosophy. In addition to using natural materials like wood, there are also a variety of other materials that can be used to accent the facade of a home exterior. For example, large terracotta planters filled with flowers, greenery, and garden features are a common feature found in many homes, and are an excellent way to bring the outside into the inside. Adding a small fountain or statue can create the perfect atmosphere for a simple, yet elegant and sophisticated looking exterior design.

In addition to using natural materials to accent the exterior of a home, the incorporation of such methods as solar heating and use of hardscape materials like granite and clay tiles is becoming increasingly popular as well. Both of these techniques help to save on energy costs, as well as improve the insulation of the home, meaning that it benefits from both thermal and visual efficiency. The incorporation of these two energy efficient techniques into a minimalist design for the home exterior makes the property much more comfortable to live in, as well as helping to conserve energy.

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