How To Decorate Your Shabby Chic Home Office – A shabby chic home office can be effortlessly achieved in your home with the correct mix of colors, patterns, matting, materials and timely application of creative furniture and accessories. Shabby style shabby chic home office style is also sometimes referred to as “rugby chair chic”, “rugby desk chic” or just plain “shabby chic”. Regardless of the various names given to this particular style, the one common denominator in all of them is an air of worn-in and disused furniture that exudes warmth and comfort – exactly what you need to get your work done.

Decorating Shabby Chic Home Office

If you have a home office space in your place, it will be a smart choice to create a cozy, uninviting “habitat” for yourself by filling it with interesting but inexpensive and decoratively understated items. This would not be out of place if your goal is to create a stylish yet comfortable space where you can unwind after a long and hard day at work. But you don’t want to be too “trendy” when it comes to decorating your shabby chic home office; you should instead aim for subtle yet stylish accents such as cozy sofas, old-fashioned wood desks, vintage letter racks, etc. Here are some great ideas to get you started on your decorating adventure.

Old vintage letter racks can make great accents to your shabby chic home office. They make great conversation pieces as well as functional storage devices. Corrugated boxes stacked on top of each other also add a charming vintage vibe to any room, especially one adorned with shabby chic furnishings and accents. You can find them in a wide array of classic and shabby design themes such as country, French provincial, English cottage, country style, larder style and many others.

Antique Jewelry Complements Shabby Chic Home Office

Vintage jewelry can really pull a room together, particularly those that have a shabby chic style vibe to them. You can choose from a variety of necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches and other miscellaneous trinkets. Hang them on doorways or in open spaces such as a closet for a bold, vintage vibe. Another great way to accessorize your shabby chic home office is to hang vintage pictures on the wall that either have a similar sentiment as yours (to complement the shabby chic style) or that have a certain significance or special meaning to you and your family.

Shabby pieces come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. Large rectangular tables with coffee and end tables made of teak are great accents to your shabby chic style living room. Larger square or rectangular tables are ideal for displaying your photos or even larger round or oval pieces that can be placed throughout your space for that personal, one of a kind look. Keep in mind that you want to balance the size and shape of the pieces throughout your entire home to create that inviting, cozy atmosphere.

Adding Chic Vibe Wall Decorations

Wall decor is another great way to add that shabby chic vibe to your home. Using reclaimed materials such as aged wood, vintage newspapers and rugs is a great way to bring the charm of an older era to your home. You can either hang these accents individually or you can frame an old newspaper or other piece and use that as the center piece for your wall. The great thing about using reclaimed materials is that it helps to bring the age and feel of a bygone era into your own living space.

Framing your doorway with a wrought iron arch is another great way to add that extra bit of old world charm. Arch frames work best as the focal point of your entrance, but you can choose from many different shapes, including a simple arched silhouette or one that has lattice work detailing. Framing a doorway with a corbels frame is yet another great idea for creating that shabby chic aesthetic you are going for. The frame will help to bring the eye up, bringing that charming “old” look of corbels and wooden details that only Corot could create.

You can dress up an entire shabby chic room by using certain colors and pieces. Dark blues and greens are quite popular for this type of decor, so take some time to consider what pieces you have in your home that would suit this look. Just remember that you don’t have to spend tons of money to pull off this decorating style. With a few simple pieces and a great paint color, you can easily create that unique vibe you are looking for in your office or living space!

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